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I see too many people throwing money at their relationships. They buy their girl flowers, take them out on fancy dates and shower them with gifts. Those are all nice once in a while and I’m sure some girls would love that but there are some things money can’t buy. The hug and kiss on the forehead after a long day at work, the smell of a freshly cooked dinner or cuddling each other until you fall asleep together. Money is important but I think the affection you show through your action is critical in a long lasting relationship. You don’t have to be fancy, just put the effort in for her. Shower her with consistency. Let her know she’s appreciated. The love and affection you give her is priceless. – Sexy Time (via we-should-fuck-now-that-i)


i fuckin hate how daisy goes ”WOOHOO” when she passes u in mariokart. especially when ur like tied with her so all u hear is WOOHOO WOOHOO WOOHOO WOOHOO WOO FUCKING HOO

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